Top rules and etiquettes for Live Action role playing to give you the best experience

If you are a newbie, you must be confused and excited about starting with your Roleplay experience, especially a Larp based one. 

If you are joining some of the major players in these sets then do not worry as the following points will help you to settle down to the Live Action role playing and make the experience more worthwhile for your needs.  

Top rules and etiquettes of Live Action role playing

Irrespective of the fact that you are starting with a Dungeons and dragons Larp or any other form of Larp then the below mentioned points can be extremely useful for your benefit – 

  • Do not play a mighty warrior. Instead be your mighty self 

An aforesaid rule of Live action dungeons and dragons is that you need to avoid labelling the characters. Instead, you need to define your characters yourself i.e. you may be the best sword player then you need to show it by bringing some live action to the field. 

Therefore, identify the character, take its skin and enjoy the immersive experience. 

  • The character background rarely matters

Again, like the above-mentioned points, you need to avoid defining the character, its background, etc. in Live Action role playing. The character backdrop is to help you get into the skin of the character and you do not need to bore others by repeating this to all people you meet. Let your actions do their talking and then inspire others to understand more about your character background.

  • Avoid being the elf

If you are joining some of the major players in these sets and are new to the field of Live Action role playing, then do not be forced to take the role of elf. Although, the same may be extremely funny characters and you may love to don the costume and those big ears, yet it is best to avoid the same. 

  • Do not overspend on the expensive costumes that make you chunky

Well you will love to don an Armor or enact being a warrior from the famous Dungeons and dragons Larp yet overspending on the expensive or chunky costumes will not do the job. However, the same can be a good icebreaker.

Instead, invest in quality stuff like swords, etc. that can help you bring a new lease of life to the character. Also, avoid investing heavily into clubs and looking like somebody from a horror movie. 

  • Take inspiration from books but use your imagination as well

You can easily find inspiration from books and the internet about possible characters. However, you do not need to stick to the same. Use the imagination to create a new character and add a few colors from your favorite characters. 

Also, while playing Live action dungeons and dragons or similar games, it is common to get hurt. So, be a warrior and do not cry your heart out in the middle of the same. Injuries are common yet not tolerable. Therefore, steel yourself up for winning the battle. 

  • Someone just attempted to kill your character

It is common to face such scenarios where your characters may be faced with dire consequences or ugly (imaginative) wounds that may be mortal danger. 

Invest in your character and make the most of it. If you feel that you need to continue with the same, bring in a healer or another team player – to save yourself and then right back with full might. 

Even if your character dies, just let it go. If you are still interested in playing more, invest in a new character and enjoy the gaming experience from the start.